Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Baltimore Sun [Opinion] Affordable Housing Policy Shouldn't Be Left Up to Local Leaders

Baltimore land use and zoning attorney Tom Coale criticized the decentralization of housing policy, claiming it favors the housed.

In Maryland, a study by the Department of Housing and Community Development indicated a current shortage of 85,000 units of affordable apartments, with an additional 97,200 families eligible for affordable housing expected to move to the state by 2030. 

He called on the state legislature to expedite the construction of housing units to prevent the worsening deterioration of housing conditions. 

"Unfortunately, housing policy isn’t set in our state capitol, but rather in the county seats and city halls that have been delegated that power by the state. And, in doing so, local leaders accountable to those who already live there must decide whether they will pass laws to benefit those who don’t. By operation, the priorities of the housed are elevated over those of homeless people."

Read the full piece in the Baltimore Sun. 

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