Thursday, June 17, 2021

Oregon Landlords: June 23 is Your Last Chance to Be Compensated for 100% of Past Due Rent

The Manufactured Housing Community of Oregon is the first to report the final details of  SB 278-15 which allows for Oregon landlords to receive 100% of past-due COVID-19 related rents, PROVIDED APPLICATIONS ARE RECEIVED BY WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23, 2021. 

Sold! 82 Units in Eugene, Oregon

We're happy to announce the sale of Fountain Villa in Eugene. 

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Fountain Villa had been owned by the same family for many years, leaving efficiencies and income opportunities to be more fully realized. HFO’s familiarity with investors looking to place capital in tertiary markets within the Pacific Northwest allowed us to find a strong buyer that could provide certainty of closing in a short time frame. We helped our client navigate the process of numerous tours and due diligence during the COVID pandemic. Call 503-241-5541 for additional information on this sale. 

HFO-TV: Real Estate Update with Dr. Gerard Mildner, PSU Center for Real Estate [Part II]


Dr. Gerard Mildner, director of the Portland State University Center for Real Estate, discusses zoning issues including inclusionary zoning, the change to eliminate single-family zoning statewide, and the many issues plaguing the development of more housing, including housing considered more affordable.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Seattle Goes Wild With Restrictions on Owner Rights


Seattle's City Council has passed the following new ordinances.

*If tenants do not pay rent, landlords cannot initiate evictions during the school if students or educators live in the home.

*Landlords are required to offer new leases to tenants before their existing lease expires and before seeking a new tenant.

*Finally, a third ordinance passed earlier this month allows a COVID-19 defense against eviction if tenants have a large unpaid rent debt incurred during the pandemic. 

Read more in the Rental Housing Journal.

Harvard Report: Millions of Households On the Brink of Eviction or Foreclosure


Even as the US economy continues to recover, the inequalities amplified by the pandemic remain front and center. 

Households that weathered the crisis without financial distress are snapping up the limited supply of homes for sale, pushing up prices, and further excluding less affluent buyers from homeownership. 

At the same time, millions of households that lost income are behind on their housing payments and on the brink of eviction or foreclosure. 

The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies released its 2021 State of the Nation's Housing Report today. Click to download the report. 

REPORTS: The U.S. Needs 6.8 Million More Homes

The US housing market is down at least 5.5 million units, the National Association of Realtors said. 

Accounting for losses of existing homes and underproduction brings that total to 6.8 million homes.

Read the story on Business Insider.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Monday, June 14, 2021

HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Monday - June 14, 2021

This week: the potentially devastating economic impact of eliminating 1031 exchanges; inflation fears pick up, and the Oregon legislature takes steps to expand options for affordable housing.

Listen to our latest podcast.

HFO-TV: HFO Broker Stephen Wendt on Client Interest in Legacy and Estate Planning


Broker Stephen Wendt discusses the recent uptick in interest among clients on the topic of legacy and estate planning in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Friday, June 11, 2021

HFO-TV: Lee Fehrenbacher on Concessions in the Portland Metro Area Apartment Market.


HFO Senior Broker Lee Fehrenbacher discusses market concessions, the perception of the Portland market from outside investors, and the high premiums on recent sales for medium-level value-add opportunities.