Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Greg Frick to Speak at 25th Annual Institute of Real Estate Management Forecast Breakfast

HFO is pleased to announce that partner Greg Frick will be a featured speaker at this year's IREM Forecast Breakfast.  The event is December 6th at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom.  Hundreds of Portland's real estate professionals attend to learn what experts predict for the coming year in office, industrial, retail and multifamily real estate. This year's guest speaker is Portland Timbers' owner Merritt Paulson.  
If you'd like to hear Greg's predictions, don't despair! He'll be updating his speech in time for HFO's annual investor roundtable event in January.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Red Capitol Group With Portland 3rd Quarter 2012 Update

If you missed your edition, this month's Lordlord Times provides a great story on Q3 2012 Payroll Trends and Forecast, along with current absorption and vacancy rate trends. 

Important points:

  • Red Capital Research forecasts that Portland will hold the #2 lowest vacancy rate in the U.S. behind NYC through 2012.
  • Axiometrics, which surveys only larger, professionally managed properties shows a vacancy rate of 5.1%
  • Reis reports average effective rent increases of 5.4%
  • Portland ranks #3 in the Red Capital Group's "RED 50" list for effective rent summary increases

Click here to read the full paper.  

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Manufacturing in Portland Outperforms Rival Cities

Portland metro's manufacturing sector provides 11 percent of all area jobs. The Value of Jobs coalition produced a report stating:
  • In 2010, Portland-metro’s manufacturing sector produced $32.6 billion worth of output, which constitutes more than 26 percent of total regional output;
  • The manufacturing sector is a gateway for workers from a variety of backgrounds to gain access to family-wage jobs and good benefits;
  • Roughly 70 percent of all manufacturing firms in the region have fewer than 20 employees; and
  • Portland-metro is home to a number of “tipping point” industries that positions the region well for possible growth in the future.
Since 1990 Portland has outperformed 8 rival cities in terms of manufacturing jobs, including Seattle, Minneapolis and Denver.

Click here to read the full report.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

May we Honor the Nation's Veterans EVERY DAY

Josephine County Veterans' Walk of Honor Memorial
I know many of you have the same experience I do:  we have relatives or friends that have served or who currently serve in the armed forces of the United States.  Like some of you, I also have members in my family who work every day in service to members of the military - either at V.A. Hospitals or clinics, education and job services, and many others. 

May we all take time on a regular basis, not just one day each year, to consider, appreciate and honor the many sacrifices of personal freedom and liberty our service men and women make for the sake of our nation and for their friends and loved ones.  And let us ask ourselves what we might do for them in return.

--on behalf of the entire team at HFO
Aaron Kirk Douglas, Marketing Director

Monday, November 12, 2012

Freddie Mac: Multifamily To Remain Strong Through 2015

FREDDIE MAC reports the multifamily market will remain strong through 2015. 
Here are the highlights of its recent forecast:
  • Recent declines in homeownership related to economic stress and high foreclosures in the single-family housing market have benefited the multifamily market;
  • The homeownership rate will drop 1 to 2 percentage points if the current slow recovery continues;
  • The single-family rental market, a growing and distinct market from multifamily, has expanded 16 percent (about 3 million units) since 2007;
  • Multifamily market demand is expected to be strong through 2015 primarily due to demographic trends and a decreasing national homeownership rate;
  • Rental demand will continue to grow faster than historical averages;
  • Multifamily demand is likely to be 1.7 million new renter households between now and 2015 (slow growth prediction). If the economic recovery accelerates, demand will be in 1 million new renter range; and if no recovery, then in the 1.6 million range for new renters.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

City of Portland Conducting Online Survey on Apartments With No Parking

The City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is conducting an online survey of Apartments with no parking.  Click here to take the survey.

The Bureau has a website devoted to this hot topic, including the results of a recent study that the Oregonian reports found little neighborhood impact from apartments built without parking

The City of Portland invites you to keep up on what is happening with the Apartment Parking Task Force! Click here for updates:

The City is holding a public forum for additional discussion of parking issues. The public forum will be from 1:30-3:30 p.m. Tuesday in city offices at 1900 S.W. Fourth Ave., room 2500A.

To see earlier stories about this issue click here, and here.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

City Council Approves Housing/Neighborhood Goals For Central City

The Portland City Council has just approved the Central City 2035 Concept Plan.  The Plan includes goals for Economic Development, Housing and Neighborhoods, the Willamette RiverHealth and the Environment, and Urban Design.
Goals for this study will directly impact multifamily development in all four quadrants of the central city.
To see the entire 58-page Central City 2035 Concept Plan, go to