Thursday, March 1, 2018

Portland City Council Debates Renter Protections

The Portland City Council heard testimony on Wednesday afternoon regarding a proposed renter protection law that would, among other things, make the city's relocation fee ordinance permanent. Commissioner Eudaly advocated for expanding the rule to include landlords who only own a single rental unit, and the Council also plans to track landlords who request exemptions. Under the new proposed law, landlords would be required to notify the city when issuing a no-cause eviction or raising the rent above 10%. The ordinance includes 11 exemptions for the new rule, including owner-occupied duplexes, affordable housing units, and landlords who are serving in the military. Renter advocates urged the Council to bar landlords from increasing fees such as pet rent or parking and storage fees. Mayor Wheeler did not seem sold on that idea, but Commissioner Eudaly appeared to be in favor. Discussions are set to continue next week. Read more.

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