Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Clark County Growth Management Plan May Lead to Housing Shortage

by: Steven Horenstein, Horenstein Law Group.

In a recent Vancouver Business Journal article, attorney Steven Horenstein writes extensively about the recently adopted 20-year growth management plan. He expresses his concerns that the plan "only provides for a medium level growth projection for a population increase to 562,000 by the year 2035. This translates into a population growth rate of something less than 2 percent. In reality, the current growth rate in our community is noticeably greater than 2 percent annually."

Horenstein goes on to note that ". . .our community is currently in the midst of a housing boom that will not produce enough housing units of various types to accommodate growth as it is actually occurring. If our current rate of growth continues, we may find that available land prices will increase and housing affordability will become problematic. This will make it difficult for those migrating here for jobs to find housing." Read more.