Monday, November 24, 2014

TED Talks: How to Reinvent the Apartment Building with Moshie Safdie

by Spencer Marona, Managing Director 

Moshe Safdie of Safdie Architects is featured in this +/- five minute short Ted Talk on the importance of reinventing the apartment building. This is a fascinating and informative video for anyone, particularly those concerned with over-development in urban cores.

"In 1967, Moshe Safdie re-imagined the monolithic apartment building, creating "Habitat '67," which gave each unit an unprecedented sense of openness, Nearly 50 years later, he believes the need for this type of building is greater than ever. In this short talk, Safdie surveys a range of projects that do away with the high-rise and let light permeate into densely-packed cities." Ted Talks, March 2014.

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