Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Multnomah County Voters Decisively Reject Controversial Eviction Measure

Multnomah County voters overwhelmingly rejected Measure 26-238, known as the Eviction Representation for All Measure. The measure sought to provide legal representation for those facing eviction after pandemic-related restrictions were lifted. With 82.37% of voters opposing the measure, it faced significant opposition, including concerns about taxing homeowners who would be exempt at the federal level.

Measure 26-238 proposed a 0.75% tax on capital gains, affecting individuals who sold assets, including homes, in Multnomah County. Despite its intention to target the wealthy, critics argued that the tax would impact a broader range of individuals, including seniors and low-income homeowners. Opponents highlighted the availability of the Metro Supportive Housing Tax, an existing income tax on higher earners, suggesting that funding for tenant support should come from the city and county's substantial budgets instead of imposing a new tax. 


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