Friday, January 20, 2023

Legislative Report: Oregon needs 544,000+ housing units by 2042

It has gone largely unreported that the Oregon state legislature received an update on the state’s housing needs just before Christmas. The report estimated a total statewide need of about 554,000 units by 2043, of which 110,000 units are due to underproduction.

Some highlights from this 51-page report:

  • While nearly every state is experiencing underproduction, Oregon’s outcomes are among the worst
  • Measured as a share of housing stock, Oregon ranks 4th in the country for housing under production just behind California, Colorado, and Utah. Washington ranks as the nation’s 5th worst.

The document provides an introduction to the housing crisis, followed by recommendations to:

  1. Plan for what’s needed
  2. Build what’s needed where it’s needed
  3. Commit to working together with urgency

Under these three top-tier goals are the following recommendations:

  • Shifting focus to leading with production
  • Streamlining urban growth boundary amendments
  • Emphasizing housing production strategies
  • Establishing production targets and equity indicators
  • Committing sustained and coordinated investment
  • Reinforcing housing choice for all
  • Establishing a coordinated governance structure
  • Continue state and regional policy action

More can be found on the website here: 

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