Thursday, December 19, 2019

Washington Legislature Could Consider Lifting Rent Control Ban, Eliminating No Cause Evictions in 2020

A number of Washington legislators are working on plans to improve tenant protections across the state. Representative Nicole Macri is prioritizing a bill to eliminate no-cause evictions, but believes there is "energy" in the legislature that could allow them to pass anti-gouging legislation that would cap rents at 5-7% plus inflation. In Washington, landlord can issue no cause evictions with just 20 days' notice, though in some cities like Seattle, Burien, and Federal Way there are additional renter protections. Along with Macri, Representative Frank Chopp has signaled his support for lifting the ban on rent control, but Senator Patty Kuderer believes the state should wait and see the impacts of rent control in California, New York, and Oregon. Read more.

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