Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tribune Report: Portland-Milwaukie TriMet Light Rail Transit Project

by Spencer Marona, Managing Director

The total cost of the Portland-Milwaukie TriMet Light Rail Transit Project is approximately $1.49 billion. Recently, TriMet released facts about the positive impact the project is having including $170 million that has gone towards small companies owned by women and people of color. In addition, according to TriMet in a recently published article in the Portland Tribune:

*Almost 12,800 jobs have been created to date.

*538 firms have been hired to work on the project, with 80% from Oregon.

*130 of those firms are DBEs, representing nearly 25% of all contracting firms working on the project.

*Over 17% of the workers are apprentices learning job skills. TriMet also announced two awards at the celebration.

More about the Portland-Milwaukie TriMet Light Rail Transit Project by watching HFO's exclusive interview with TriMet's planner Kate Lyman or the recently published Portland Tribune article.  

Speculation abounds on whether opening of the Orange Line will lead to an increase in popularity for the Brooklyn Neighborhood.  Meanwhile, TriMet has announced that effective March 1, 2015 they are extending transfer times on 2 hour tickets to 2.5 hours. Read the complete news release

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