Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Is ApartmentRatings.Com Finally Creating a Positive Impression of Apartment Living?

In his latest blog post, author Brent Williams discusses recent trends on the rating site ApartmentRatings.com.

"ApartmentRatings.com's approach to reputation management has dramatically improved over the last year. The website just released some very important statistics: The number of active properties that had a “Recommend” score above 50% grew an astounding 18% during 2013 to 68%.  In other words, since we are talking about industry averages, it’s as if the very idea of apartment living got an incredibly large perception boost.  

"Although the multifamily industry is constantly improving, it is safe to say that the industry as a whole didn’t suddenly have an operational epiphany leading to an 18% increase in customer satisfaction in just one year."  

Read the full article on Multifamily Insiders.

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