Thursday, November 7, 2013

Want Gen Y Renters? Here's how to get them. . .

Here are some secrets about what attracts today's younger people from a recent survey:

  1. Those of us in Gen Y use Google or Craigslist to find apartments -- can we find you there?
  2. If we can find  you on Google, it's better if your links are to specific properties -- not to another page where we have to fill something out! (Puhleeze! Can you say "hassle?")
  3. Please include floor plans. We care about them.
  4. When we check out reviews of your apartments, we want to know they're clean.
  5. Our biggest turn-offs are comments about pest management challenges, loud or bothersome neighbors or complaints about customer service.
and there's more...

Click to download a PDF of the full article from Units magazine.

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