Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Apartment Security Amenities and Portland's New Crime Alert E-Mail System

According to an ongoing Apartments.com survey, 96 percent of respondents to a national survey said neighborhood crime rates influence where they choose to live. Not surprisingly, most renter survey respondents stated violent crimes including assault, battery, theft, and burglary concern them most. To protect themselves, renters are acting responsibly including keeping strangers out of the apartment community and are even willing to pay more in rent to live where they feel secure.

This year's survey revealed that renters are not feeling as safe as they have in previous years. There was a 12% drop in the number of renters who say they feel extremely to moderately safe living in their current neighborhood, to 66% from 78% in 2006. 

The city of Portland has recently unveiled its CrimeMapper2 notification system. This system allows users to obtain a monthly e-mail with a summary of crimes reported around a specific address or location within the City of Portland. CrimeMapper2 e-mail notifications is an easy and convenient way to track crimes that have occurred around a home or business. Notifications are sent monthly, soon after the CrimeMapper database has been updated. Subscribers can update their e-mail address, choose a different location, select different crimes, or stop receiving notifications at any time.

In addition to increasingly taking safety matters into their own hands, renters are looking for and willing to pay more rent for specific safety features. The top five safety features renters said they would pay more to have, when asked to choose all that apply, are:

  • In-unit security alarm system: 49%
  • 24/7 building security patrol guards and a doorman: 45%
  • Security cameras on the apartment community property: 42%
  • Mandatory background screening for all residents: 30%
  • Cylinder deadbolt locks on windows and doors: 29%
Many professionally managed apartment communities and private landlords are doing their part to keep renters’ minds at easy by providing peepholes on apartment doors, securing windows and doors with locks and running background checks on potential residents.

Wishing you and your renters a safe and happy holiday season.

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