Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Burnside Has a Bold New Back Yard

The Yard is a new 21-story building with 16-floors of apartments atop 5 stories of retail and work spaces. The tower, located at NE 2nd and Burnside, is a parallelogram with a wedge shape that appears narrow. Yard contains parking for 200 cars and 450 bicycles. The tower will have 284 apartments, including 57 units classified as affordable. Yard apparently has 10% fewer windows than originally approved, which has resulted in some controversy. Word is that Yard will open in 2016.

A second project known as the Dumbell because of its two six-story cubes joined by a connecting sky-bridge is also currently under construction.

A third project, a new building called Framework, will be a ten-story modular building resembling shipping containers placed together like a pile of blocks.

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