Tuesday, March 24, 2015

National Real Estate Investor: 8 Common Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

In a recently published NREI slide show, multiple industry experts compiled a list of eight common mistakes real estate investors make.

With as fast as the market is moving and as active as buyers are, it is critical to seek expert advice prior to any acquisition. More importantly, is having a qualified broker who specializes in acquisitions and dispositions of the particular property type represent your best interests. Similar to seeing a medical or legal professional who specializes in a particular field, the same is just as important with investment real estate.

8 Common Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make according to National Real Estate Investor:

  1. Performing incomplete diligence.
  2. Assuming a recently constructed building has no problems.
  3. Going over their comfort zone without proper advisement.
  4. Not calculating rent sustainability.
  5. Focusing on the short-term noise vs. long-term signals.
  6. Not building in proper deal contingencies.
  7. Chasing "bad" deals, at all costs.
  8. Stretching for yield at the wrong point in the cycle.

Read details about each of these common mistakes at nreionline.com. Contact an HFO broker to discuss any property acquisition or disposition goals and how we can help you avoid common real estate investment mistakes like the above.