Saturday, December 20, 2014

Chinese Money Flooded the Puget Sound - $2 billion Worth

by Spencer Marona, Managing Director

According to a recently published article in the Puget Sound Business Journal, wealthy Chinese millionaires have been pouring billions of dollars into the Puget Sound real estate market and that trend is expected to continue. Many are paying all cash for trophy assets and executing deals with the blink of an eye.

Prior to my arrival at HFO, I can speak from first hand on how fast these investors act when they find a deal they want and how they appear to come out thin air. The big question for owners of multifamily and other investment properties in 2015 is how the greater Portland/Vancouver market will be affected? In addition, will we see an influx of foreign capital, or will we see investors looking to place capital in the Portland/Vancouver market who are unable to achieve the same returns in the Puget Sound?

Read more about this in the recently published PSBJ article.

Contact an HFO broker to discuss how your asset is positioned to capitalize on this expected investment activity in 2015.

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