Monday, November 25, 2013

Ready or Not? Micro-Units Arriving in Portland

Footprint Investments
Back in March, Portland's first micro apartments opened in the Pearl District at the eko haus Freedom Center. When they opened, the Freedom Center was featured in a TV news story by KGW. 

A few months later, CNN offered an inside look at a similar 295-square foot apartment building in San Francisco. Micro-apartments have been going up in downtown Seattle since 2008. Click for video.

The story continued on November 5th when Portland real estate reporter Elliot Njus of The Oregonian wrote about current Micro-Apartments in NW Portland on Thurman Street and a future planned development in the Hollywood District on his real estate blog here. 

Just three days later on November 8th, The Oregonian editorial board weighed in with an opinion piece critical of government for allowing developers "a thousand ways" around a set of minimum standards. Click here.

Most recently, on November 20th, KATU-TV reported that neighborhood residents in the Hollywood District of Portland began protesting fight construction of the planned micro-apartments there. Click here.

Is Portland ready for more micro-units? What do you think?

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