Thursday, October 4, 2018

Portland Housing Bureau 18-Month Review of Inclusionary Housing Program

The Portland Housing Bureau released an 18-month review of the city’s inclusionary housing program last week. The report, which lacks clarity regarding many of its data points, finds that there are still 8,294 pre-inclusionary housing units in the pipeline, and that so far the program has resulted in a pipeline of 362 affordable units. The Housing Bureau estimates that the inclusionary units in the 36 privately financed projects that are currently in the process of being permitted represent the equivalent of a $32 million public subsidy. Most of the units proposed are studios or one-bedrooms, rather than the family-sized units the city has previously said are most needed. 

The report also finds:
  • Annual rent increases are below 2%
  • Concessions have increased by 2-3%
  • Occupancy at delivery rates have fallen to 30%
In January 2019, the Housing Bureau and the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability plan to consider increasing the FAR bonus for projects in the central city and will recalibrate the off-site program options to allow for more flexibility.

Inclusionary Housing will be on the docket at a Planning and Sustainability Commission meeting scheduled for Tuesday October 9th at 12:30pm. Written testimony can be submitted by email to, with the subject line “Inclusionary Housing Extension Zoning Code.”

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