Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tenants Facing Rent Hike Ask City of Spokane for Help

Tenants at the 12-unit Westview Manor in the South Hill neighborhood of Spokane who received notices of rent raises up to $500 per month are asking the city for help. The building's new owner has stated that he is raising rents to meet current prices in the area, and he intends to renovate the building and install new appliances. Tenants were alerted in late May that the rent increases will go into effect July 1. The tenants proposed a program to help with relocation costs at Monday's City Council meeting, and are advocating for a law that requires landlords to give more than 30 days notice of a substantial rent increase. The City of Spokane announced on Tuesday that it is working with the Landlord's Association of the Inland Northwest to come up with a solution. Read more.

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