Thursday, June 15, 2017

Portland Tenants United Pressuring Sen. Rod Monroe on HB 2004

Portland Tenant's United (PTU) has been putting pressure on State Senator Rod Monroe to support House Bill 2004, as the bill is likely to fail without the Senator's support. PTU has been contacting Monroe's tenants, hanging signs on the freeway, and demonstrating outside of his church in hopes that he will support increased tenant protections in the state legislature. The group also brought a cardboard cutout of Monroe to a town hall meeting in Gresham that he chose not to attend. Senators Law Frederick and Ginny Burdick have questioned these tactics, calling the group's church demonstration particularly counterproductive. Since the Portland Mercury first reported the group's targeting of Senator Monroe on Tuesday, PTU has withdrawn its support from HB 2004 "in its current form." Read more.

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