Friday, June 12, 2015

Grow Up, Portland. Why the Apartments You Hate Are Good For the City.

"None of us, not a single damn one of us, is entitled to live where we want to live for as long as we want to live at a price we can reasonably afford." -Tyler Hurst, freelance writer and Portland apartment renter.

Recently, press coverage has increased on the potential and negative impacts from the development of new multifamily properties throughout Portland. Some of these concerns, like parking are legitimate.

This week the Willamette Week published a refreshing set of articles covering topics about myths, misconceptions and misinformation that has spread about new apartment buildings in Portland. Enjoy.

Willamette Week - June 10, 2015:

Why the Apartment Buildings You Hate Are Good For the City

Why My Apartment Is Good for Portland

The 5 Myths About Portland Apartments

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