Saturday, January 3, 2015

Businesses Old & New Have Plenty to Say About Portland's Central Eastside's Growing Pains

Portland's Central Eastside is a tapestry of old and new. What had been strictly industrial has morphed into a patchwork of office, industrial and retail. Soon, 250 new multifamily units will enter the mix.

The Central Eastside provides about 10% of the city's coveted manufacturing and wholesale trade jobs, but a tight downtown office and housing market is pushing development to the eastside. Any regular commuter or visitor to the area can't escape its wacky roadways with obstacles ranging from sideways trucks to bicycles, construction activity to rumbling trains, and tent cities built by the city's homeless.

Even now City planners are shaping the next 20 years of growth for the Central Eastside, and considering loosening zoning restrictions across much of the district. 

Hear what Central Eastside insiders have to say in this excellent series of video clips, photos, and interviews by Elliot Njus of The Oregonian by clicking here.

The question remains: Growth is certain -- but will there be more parking? 

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