Monday, January 28, 2013

City of Portland Publishes "Frequently Asked Questions" On Apartment Parking Issue

The City of Portland has published a "Frequently Asked Questions" on New Apartments and Parking

This document outlines what has happened at recent meetings of the Planning and and Sustainability office and the City Council, and discusses what happens next.  This 12 page document is extensive and thorough.

Highlights of the document include:

  • Discussion of the results of the studies conducted by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.
  • Citizens concerned with building height, design, compabilitiy, and other zoning and design issues have an opportunity to comment on the City's Comprehensive Plan Update which was just released 1/16/13.  Comments can be made at
  • Evidence for a moratorium on apartment construction without parking has not been sufficiently established and will not occur. Other methods for effecting immediate change are also discussed.
  • The city may not adopt a design review process that always allows for citizen input on major development projects on commercial corridors.
  • A list of where upcoming apartment projects with no on-site parking are being built, and how many residential units are proposed for each building.
  • Why no on-site parking is required for these parking projects.
  • What the rationale is for the parking exemptions.
  • Whether outcomes of parking exemptions have been evaluated and information on data about residents use of alternative methods of transportation.
  • Requirements for providing bike parking for residents.
  • Whether neighbors can achieve modifications to apartment development proposals.
  • Whether design review is required for apartment projects.
  • Why no ground floor retail is included with certain apartments.
  • Why there is a boom of upcoming multifamily projects in inner Portland.
  • How Portland's Comprehensive Plan Update will address issues related to development along Portland's commercial streets.
Click here to download and read the PDF.

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