Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Many Apartment Units In Oregon Must Have Carbon Monoxide Alarms Installed by April 1st, 2011

Since July 1, 2010 carbon monoxide alarms have been required in new tenancies, and next month is when the final phase arrives mandating installation in all existing tenancies that have a carbon monoxide source. A carbon monoxide source includes a wood or gas fireplace, an attached garage, or any gas or oil powered appliance or heat source (hot water heater, dryer, stove, etc.).

A properly functioning carbon monoxide alarm must be located within each bedroom or within 15 feet outside of each bedroom door in dwelling units containing a carbon monoxide source or that are connected to a common area containing a carbon monoxide source. Bedrooms on separate floors in a structure containing two or more stories require separate carbon monoxide alarms. A carbon monoxide alarm must be installed in any enclosed common area within the building if the common area is connected by a door, ductwork, or ventilation shaft to a carbon monoxide source located within or attached to the structure.

HFO encourages membership in the Metro Multifamily Housing Association.  If you have questions about the above new law contact Metro Multifamily Housing Association at 503-226-4533.

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