Monday, November 1, 2010

Generation Y Driving Portland Multifamily Development

HFO Partner Tim O'Brien is quoted in last Friday's Daily Journal of Commerce article about Generation Y leading the next -- largely urban -- apartment boom.

It all started last week when Clyde Holland, CEO of Vancouver, Wash.-based Holland Partners Group, said that market conditions in Portland are beginning to favor multifamily investments. And Holland isn't the only developer that feels that way -- local developer Jack Menashe agrees, saying he believes North Portland is especially ripe for multifamily commercial projects, including his 72-unit apartment and retail development planned for North Williams Avenue.
“I’m getting calls from developers asking about prices per square foot, and other logistical questions. I’ve had three of these conversations in the last week. I haven’t had that many of those conversations in the last three years.” -- HFO Partner Tim O'Brien
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