Monday, February 15, 2010

Landlords: Help Others With Tenants' Abandoned Property

The Landlord Times reported recently that when you end up with abandoned tenant property that could be used by others, you may want to contact an organization that gives away your items to the needy.  Some of them will even pick up the property for free!  
  • Community Warehouse NE 503.235.8786 [essential furniture and household items]
  • Portland Medical VA Center - [videos, CDs, DVDs, clothing] call Robin Lashbaugh @ 503.805.5993
  • Dress for Success [interview appropriate clothing, make-up] 503.249.7300 or
  • Transition Projects Inc. [hygiene products, linens, clothing, books] 503.823.4930 x226 or
  • Multicultural Community Services [furniture, lamps, cooking utensils, diapers, sheets, blankets, dishes and other household items] 503.231.7480 or
  • Yolanda House Domestic Violence Shelter [bedding, cleaning supplies, office supplies, cooking items, craft supplies, silverware, diapers, hygiene products, soap, office chairs, mattress pads, pillows, socks, and more. 503.535.3270
  • JOIN [socks, blankets, pet food] 503.232.7052 x 101
  • Schoolhouse supplies  [school and craft supplies] 503.249.9933