Monday, July 6, 2009

New and revised laws for Oregon landlords affect apartment owners

Tenant groups and legislative members were busy in Oregon this year. Most of these new laws take effect January 1, 2010.

Oregon Legislative Updates include the following (note, this is not all-inclusive and please visit the state legislative website to read complete bills). Updates to these and other measures can be found on the Metro Multifamily Housing website as they become available.

  • SB 771: This new law requires 60-day no-cause notices for tenancies over one year; creates temporary occupant agreements and outlines what landlords have to do if a tenant dies. It also limits all allowable fees and requires the disclosure of all fees deposits and rent. (Governor signed 6/18/09.)
  • HB 2578: A towing company must now photograph each vehicle in violation noting the date and time. If the owner shows up at the time a vehicle is being towed, the tow truck operator has to drop the vehicle at no charge. Landlord is required to provide parking tags so tenants can use vehicles other than primary vehicles for reserved spaces. (Governor signed 6/26/09.)
  • HB 3450: Multifamily properties that have units with heat sources that emit carbon monoxide or that have a direct connection to a garage must have a carbon monoxide detectors installed by July 2010 for turnovers and in all units by April 2011. (Governor signed 6/25/09.)
  • HB 2614: Tenants must be notified if units are in a 100-year flood plain; allows tenants to recover value up to two months' rent in event of uninsured loss for a landlord's failure to disclose. Effective 1/1/10. (Governor signed 6/17/09.)
  • SB 875: Prohibits charging fees or deposits for assistance animals in rental housing; duplicates existing federal fair housing laws. (Governor signed 6/23/09.)
  • SB 952: Tenants in homes being foreclosed on receive notice. Tenants would not be evicted until purchaser owns the property and will be allowed to stay until their lease expires or for up to 6 months whichever is shorter. If a property is sold to someone who plans to live in the residence, only 30 days notice is required. (Governor signed 6/24/09.)