Monday, January 27, 2020

KATU News: Commissioner Eudaly on Why She's Running for Reelection

KATU news interviewed Portland City Council member Chloe Eudaly on Sunday regarding why she is running for re-election, and what she hopes to accomplish if she is successful. In the interview, Eudaly highlighted housing as her top priority - she hopes to do more work on tenant protections and providing opportunities for home ownership. She also emphasized the need for a stable funding stream for the city's housing programs, and cited the relocation ordinance as her biggest achievement so far. KATU's Lincoln Graves asked Commissioner Eudaly about the city's commission form of government, and whether she would be open to a change. Eudaly acknowledged that the form of government is outdated, but stated that she does not know what form of government would better serve city residents. Watch video.

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