Friday, December 6, 2019

PSC Narrowly Votes to Require Developers Build Space for Tents in New Design Guidelines

The Willamette Week reports that a narrow majority of Portland’s Planning and Sustainability Commission voted to approve a last-minute amendment to new design guidelines. The amendment changes language around outdoor space requirements for new developments – in addition to providing “opportunities to pause, sit and interact,” if the new guidelines are adopted developers will also be required to provide space where people can “rest and be welcome.” The change was proposed by Commissioner Oriana Magnera, who argued that there are people who need to rest on a “longer-term scale,” and that the benches provided by many developers outside of their buildings are not adequate for people who need or want to pitch a tent. The commission voted 5-4 to adopt the new language. The Commission plans to send its recommendations to the Design Commission December 17th – the Design Commission will then vote on a final set of recommendations that will be sent to the City Council. Read more.

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