Monday, February 4, 2019

Washington Legislature Weighing Eviction Reform

A handful of bills under consideration in the Washington state legislature aim to reform the eviction process for renters. State Senator Patty Kuderer of Bellevue is sponsoring SB 5600, which would give tenants 14 days to pay overdue rent - up from 3 days currently. It also requires landlords to give 60-days' notice for a change in rent. State Representative Andrew Barkis of Olympia, who was a landlord for 25 years, is introducing a four-bill package relating to eviction reform. His bills would give tenants 120 days notice of eviction prior to a demolition, and 60 days notice for rent increases above 10%. Landlords would also be required to provide tenants with an information guide explaining their rights and responsibilities when they move. Representative Nicole Macri of Seattle is working to craft a bill that would eliminate no cause evictions. Read more.

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