Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Gubernatorial Candidates Brown & Buehler on Housing Issues

As part of an ongoing series on policy platforms, the Oregonian published an article highlighting gubernatorial candidates Kate Brown and Knute Buehler's stances on housing policy. 

On the Affordable Housing Shortage
While both emphasize the need for more affordable housing units, some of which may be produced by the state, Buehler has also argued for reducing regulatory costs, fees, and timelines associated with building affordable housing. While Brown believes the state should build 2,200 new housing units and preserve 400 existing units, Buehler does not believe the state should own or operate housing. 

On Tenant Protections
Brown wants to revive a measure that would end no-cause evictions, while Buehler voted against a similar bill in 2017. In 2016, Buehler co-sponsored a bill that would have prevented landlords from raising rent in the first year of a month-to-month tenancy. Neither Brown nor Buehler supports repealing the state ban on rent control.

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