Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Future of Portland's Electronic Permitting? City Says: 2019

Builders have complained for decades about the City of Portland's difficult permitting process. One developer opted out of building in Portland because 17 groups from six different bureaus have to review construction permits. 

As we first reported here in July 2017, the City of Portland has been trying to get an online permit system going since 2012. It has spent millions on the project and after five years had to fire a Georgia-based vendor, basically starting from scratch.

In April, 2017 Commissioner Chloe Eudaly terminated the Bureau Director responsible for the boondoogle.

To give a better image to the reboot - the project has been rebranded. It was originally known as the "Information Technology Advancement Project." Today, it's called the "Portland Online Permitting System" or POPS.

In a video released last month, the City of Portland indicates it is testing some initial functions this year. It will roll out a user interface in 2019 with several additional modules planned, but no timeline for completion mentioned. Have a look at the video:

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