Wednesday, July 25, 2018

West Hills Residents Say the City of Portland Is Making Them Pay to Fix City Streets

The Willamette Week reports that residents of the West Hills, where landslides during recent winters have caused road closures, are being told by the Bureau of Development Services and Portland Bureau of Transportation that they are responsible not only for cleaning up after landslides, but also for mitigating future damage. Dave Pollock, a retiree who previously taught at Centennial High School, says he has been fined a total of $6,000 for not repairing landslide damage in February 2017. According to Pollock, the city is also requiring him to pay $400,000 for a new retaining wall along SW Skyline Boulevard.The Bureau of Development Services is allowed by city code to require homeowners to pay to repair conditions on their property that may affect public roads, and has issued notices to 42 homeowners after the winter of 2016-17. Read more.

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