Thursday, January 18, 2018

LA-Based Developer Proposes Fixes for Housing Crisis - Oregon Should Take Note

Urbanize LA, a website dedicated to reporting on real estate and development issues, published a list of 25 suggestions for fixing California's housing crisis, written by a local developer. The list is comprised of solutions that would enable more building to take place in transit-oriented neighborhoods where people want to live, and prioritizes the construction of housing over retail space. While some of the items on the list are specific to California, many could be implemented in other states, including Oregon and Washington. Suggestions include:
  • Allow 100% residential development on commercially zoned properties
  • Create new zones for missing middle housing
  • Upzone properties within 1/2 mile of a rail stop
  • Mandate local housing production goals
  • Audit planning policies to make sure they are helping to create housing
  • Incentivize & remove planning approvals for as much affordable housing as possible

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