Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Business Journal: Private Sector Creative Solutions for Homelessness DOA at City of Portland, Multnomah County

The cover story of this week's Portland Business Journal: How government rejection of creative solutions from the private sector for housing the homeless is not helpful.

The news outlet cites the failures of government in addressing the homeless problem--specifically using the examples of Multnomah County's failure to accept the use of Wapato as a homeless transition center, and the City of Portland's rejection of turning the City's Terminal 1 facility in Northwest Portland into a huge campus for a shelter and services.

The City of Portland says it needs help from the business community, but local developers are discouraged by the bureaucratic responses to their efforts. Some of the many local developers taking action to help with homelessness include Tom Brenneke, Brad Malsin, Barry and Jordan Menashe, Homer Williams, Rob Justus and others. Kevin Cavenaugh of Guerrilla Development will open a multifamily project, reserving 18 units to rent at $600 a month for social workers seeking to make an impact in area homelessness.

If you have a Business Journal subscription, read the full article here.

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