Thursday, October 5, 2017

Portland City Council Extends Housing State of Emergency, Renter Relocation Fee Ordinance

The City Council voted on Wednesday to extend the Housing State of Emergency by 18 months, and the Renter Relocation Fee Ordinance by 6 months. Mayor Wheeler announced that he plans to propose a permanent replacement for the temporary relocation fee requirements to the City Council by December 6th of this year. Commissioner Eudaly proposed eliminating the exemption to that ordinance for small landlords, but the other commissioners voted that proposal down. They are also considering a "hardship exemption" for some landlords. Renter advocates present at the meeting argued that their rent is going up in other ways, such as being asked to pay utilities. The commissioners plan to look into whether renter utility payments are increasing beyond what landlords are being charged for those services. In the coming weeks, the council will vote on spending guidelines for the affordable housing bond, as well as a pledge to create supportive housing units in the city. Read more.

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