Wednesday, April 12, 2017

HFO Announces Philanthropic Contributions to Affordable Housing Nonprofits

At the close of each brokered apartment sale, HFO makes a contribution in honor of the client(s) represented to a charity of their choosing. In addition to the thousands of dollars distributed in this manner each year, HFO matches those contributions in a separate account from which it makes several additional larger year-end contributions. 

This year, the HFO team felt strongly about focusing its charitable dollars on nonprofits serving families and children with affordable housing. HFO's distributions from its 2016 charity account were as follows (includes year-end 2017 contributions):

Human Solutions - $7,500
Habitat for Humanity - $3,250

“Each of us at HFO thoroughly understands the dynamics behind increasing rents. No one is more aware of the market influences at play. We call on our elected leaders to take whatever steps necessary to encourage the development of additional affordable housing in our community," said marketing director Aaron Kirk Douglas. "Economists agree: trying to micromanage the local rental market through rent control is not the answer."

Other nonprofits receiving cash funding from HFO throughout 2016 included: Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest, Providence Cancer Research Institute, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Friends of the Children, the Oregon Humane Society and Outside In.

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