Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Unintended Consequences of Proposed Renter Relocation Policy

In response to the proposed requirement for landlords to pay $2,900-$4,500 to tenants who face no-cause evictions or 10% rent hikes, John DiLorenzo and the Equitable Housing PAC are warning the city about potential unintended consequences. Landlords note that they use no-cause evictions to remove tenants they have received complaints about when other residents are unable or unwilling to testify at eviction hearings. No-cause evictions also allow landlords to remove tenants engaged in illegal activity who have not yet been charged with a crime. Commissioner Eudaly has discounted these arguments, claiming more tenants will be helped than harmed by this proposal . DiLorenzo has indicated he is likely to challenge the measure if passed, on the grounds that it is a de facto rent control program. Read more.

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