Friday, December 30, 2016

Portland in 2017: What Comes Next in the Affordable Housing Debate

The Oregonian took a look back at how housing became the central issue for Portland in 2016, and discussed what may be coming in 2017. With rents in the metro area up 30% since 2012 and many workers getting pushed further away from jobs in the city's core, businesses, activists, and lawmakers are all increasingly concerned with the issue of affordability. Margot Black, head of Portland Tenants United, states that more people are becoming emboldened by state lawmakers' calls to end the ban on rent control. Marion Haynes, vice president for government affairs and economic development for the Portland Business Alliance, sees affordable housing as stemming from a supply issue, and suggests that the PBA will not support measures that could restrict housing supply. Tensions between the two groups appear to be building with the next legislative session fast approaching. Read more.

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