Monday, July 18, 2016

Clark County Tax Appeals Due Beginning August 3, 2016

Courtesy of Chris Robinson, President, Property Tax Analytics, Inc. 

Many Washington State counties have mailed the Value Change Notices for the 2016 assessment for taxes payable in 2017. 

Appeal Deadlines
You have 60 days from the mailing date to file an appeal with the local board. 
  • Clark County recently mailed a batch on June 3, 2016. 
  • Washington State's more populous counties generally offer 60 days. 
  • Some of the smaller counties only offer a 30 day appeal window.

City of Vancouver - Multifamily Abatement Program
The City of Vancouver has adopted abatement programs for new apartment construction depending on location. Developers and owners contemplating development should be aware of this program. Contact the City of Vancouver at (360) 487-8600 for details. See fact sheet. 

When considering your increase (and it will increase) the focus should be on whether the NOI supports the new value. While there is nothing wrong with trying to mitigate the value increase through an appeal, owners should be judicious with this approach.

Washington has a preference for using the sales comparison approach but also uses the income approach.

Some potential reasons to appeal your assessment
  • Your property has significant deferred maintenance or capital needs 
  • Your property has construction defects

Need help?
Contact your attorney or Christopher K. Robinson at (503) 635-9330 for assistance. 

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