Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Irony: Trends in Designing for Millennials

by Spencer Marona, Managing Director

1) "Millennials seem to have this desire for authenticity...for everything to be sort of real..."

2) "The most important common space for them is really the 'social activity space'..."

3) "...I have three Millennials on staff that are advisors and they all live in apartments...I survey them on what they want, and the survey is be text."

Question for the three architects that were interviewed in a recent MFE Multifamily Executive Magazine webcast: how many extra electrical outlets do you factor in for their smart phones and other mobile devices in these 'social spaces' while they are living authentically and not digitally?  Click here to see the webcast on MFE.

Hanley Wood Media, Inc. "Trends in Designing for Millennials." 07 October 2014. Online video clip. Trends in Designing for Millennials. Accessed on 05 November 2014. <>

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