Wednesday, May 14, 2014

HFO Developer Conference Features Panel Discussion of Hambro Metal Framing

HFO's 2014 Developer Forum
HFO's second annual Developer Forum featured panelists representing the full spectrum of experts on the latest benefits of utilizing metal framing for new apartments.

After a brief discussion by each panel member on the use of metal framing in apartment construction from their perspective, the panel responded to questions from the audience. During the 40-minute Q & A session, audience members also shared previous experiences or future plans for use of metal framing. Co-sponsor Ted Stark of USI Insurance pleasantly surprised the audience with news that insurance for metal frame apartments is approximately two-thirds less than for wood structures.

The panelists were:

  • Wayne Armstrong, Developer
  • Josh Richards, Structural Engineer, KPFF
  • Chris Spurgin, Stack Architecture
  • Brian Gerritz, Pavilion Construction
  • Jakob Lepa, Canam (Hambro supplier)