Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Energy Trust of Oregon Offers Cash Incentives for Multifamily T12 Lighting Upgrades

Now is the time to change antiquated T12 fluorescent fixtures to energy-efficient light fixtures. Federal legislation requires new efficiency standards for the manufacturing of linear fluorescent lamps as of July 14, 2012. Energy Trust offers cash incentives to customers of Portland General Electric and Pacific Power for upgrading T12 fixtures to high-performance T8 or T5 lamps with electronic ballasts. Incentives range from $20 to $42 depending on the size of the existing fixture. Efficient lighting upgrades lower energy usage and have one of the quickest payback periods of efficiency improvements, ranging from one to three years, particularly when combined with Energy Trust incentives. Take control of your energy costs. For more information, contact an Energy Trust representative at 1.866.368.7878 or visit www.energytrust.org for more information.

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