Thursday, November 20, 2008

Apartment Owners Take Note: Here Are The Ten Most Important Resident Amenities

The National Apartment Association has released a list of the most important resident amenities.  These amenities came from a national survey conducted by J. Turner Research.  The survey was sent to roughly 6,000 apartment executives and onsite managers and had a total of 341 respondents.  Those surveyed were asked to list their top resident amenity.  Here's the list:
  1. In-Unit Laundry (81%)
  2. Wi-Fi Internet Access (71%)
  3. Custom Interiors (61%)
  4. Weight/Cardio Room (55%)
  5. Pool (50%)
  6. Controlled Access (50%)
  7. Covered Parking (47%)
  8. clubhouse with Multi-Media (25%)
  9. Television/Internet/Phone (25%)
  10. In-Unit Security System (22%)
J. Turner Research conducts market research for the apartment industry.